Picture(s) a Day: Jun 12

Titanium pocket pen, not much longer than the pen rest it’s sitting on, anodized with rainbow colors

I received my Namisu Nova Pocket fountain pen today, yay! It’s a very well-built titanium pocket pen whose cap screws onto the back to make it a regular size, comfortable for writing. In a pinch, I could jot something down without posting the cap, but primarily you would use this pen posted.

Rainbow titanium pocket fountain pen, cap posted on back to show length when writing

I added on a titanium nib, but I’m disappointed that it doesn’t feel bouncy at all, like people described titanium nibs usually are. Not sure if it’s because it’s a medium nib… I should’ve gotten a fine one, but I don’t even recall if it was an option. A quick search online shows no retailers with a fine or extra-fine titanium nib in stock. Boo. The steel fine nib that came with the pen originally is nice. I will write more about my impressions after I’ve used the pen more.