Ink Swatch Wednesday: Kiwi Inks

Ink Swatch Wednesday: Kiwi Inks
Scan of the 7 shimmer inks and 1 multishader ink I bought samples of from Kiwi Inks

A long while ago I bought a bunch of samples from Kiwi Inks. I think I'd seen them mentioned on r/FountainPens and was curious about them. They sold generous 5mL samples for the inks I was interested in – Glamorous Peacock, Treasures of Atlantis, Mermaid Black, Nebula Space Kitty, Quetzalcoatl, Scarlet Gold, Fairy Dust, and Rainbow in a Bottle – 7 shimmers and 1 multishader. I admit that their ink names really appealed to me, and led me to choose some of the ink samples I bought, but they were kind of double-edged swords, since my expectations were higher than the inks performed in reality.

The shimmer inks have fairly subtle shimmer. The scan above barely shows the shimmer, though I suspect that'll be closer to how it'll appear in regular writing than my pictures below catching the shimmer in direct sunlight:

These are the Kiwi Inks without shimmer, but since their shimmer is pretty subtle, the difference is minimal.

So, in reality, these shimmer inks are tame relative to the other shimmers I really like, like Van Dieman's Azure Kingfisher, or Wearingeul's I Am a Cat, which are quite blingy on paper, regardless of lighting. These Kiwi Inks are decent inks, but I haven't used them much, except for Glamorous Peacock, apparently, since its remaining volume is lower than all the other ink samples. 🙂 Its combination of peacock blue base, red sheen, and gold shimmer remind me of Azure Kingfisher, or Diamine Arctic Blast, but not as shimmery.

I'll also mention that I was disappointed by Rainbow in a Bottle. The picture on the site showed more chromashading than I can see in my ink sample, but even then, it wasn't really comparable to other well-known multishaders like Sailor Ink Studio 123, or Troublemaker Milky Ocean, Foxglove, or Kelp Tea. If you call something "Rainbow in a Bottle," you kind of have to deliver something more than a translucent bluish aqua ink. 😛

Kiwi Inks has more beyond what I showed here. They also have some inks where you can customize the base color, shimmer and/or sheen color, and even the level of wetness. If you're curious to try inks from another small maker, especially if you like subtle shimmer inks, or want a custom formula, perhaps give Kiwi Inks a look.