A dark, blurry silhouette of someone looking at colorful image projections of fluttering butterflies on the wall
A dreamy image of a dark, blurry silhouette of someone looking at an art exhibit of fluttering butterflies projected onto the wall

After years and years of having a fragmented presence on the internet, I decided to create my own cozy spot, gather all my links here, and post more long-form stuff. It's super easy to throw a post on social media to share interesting links, or a random thought I'm having, but sometimes I like to entertain my verbose side and don't want to break my train of thought up into chunks that fit character limits (though on Mastodon, the limit is pretty generous).

Anyway, I'll still be out there on the internets, mainly on Mastodon, but I'll do my best to keep this place up to date with the latest links and blog posts.

Trying a new(sletter) thing

Ghost apparently makes it easy for you to subscribe to a blog in case you'd prefer to have new posts delivered to your inbox rather than visiting manually or using something like an RSS reader. So now you have options! Please do subscribe if you like what I'm posting here.