Picture(s) a Day: Apr 17

1-bit grayscale thermal print out of a close up on a cat's face, taken from a low angle

More random shots taken with my trusty toy thermal printer camera! This thing is fun, and kind of fills a similar purpose as my Polaroid instant film cameras. I get into an experimental mood and shoot quickly (which you'd think I wouldn't do, given how expensive each Polaroid frame is, but somehow I shoot more impulsively with film). I shot around 10 images with the camera, but am only featuring 4 of the ones I like best.

Another 1-bit grayscale thermal print out of a close-up side-view of a cat's face looking to the side of the camera
1-bit grayscale thermal print out of an image of small, light colored flowers in front of a backyard fence
1-bit grayscale thermal print of an image of the sky with the bright sun in the top left corner and criss-crossing wispy clouds in the middle of the frame

I'm pleasantly surprised that the thermal print of the sky with the wispy clouds and the overexposed bright sun in the corner turned out as good as it did. I wasn't sure if the amount of detail in the image would translate to such a low-res print out, but you can even kind of see sun rays. Very cool.

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