Picture(s) a Day: Jun 26

Phew, kind of a busier weekday than usual, because it's my birthday! 🥳

I started out the day having impromptu brunch with my brother at a place in Cupertino called Sweet Maple. Had a pretty tasty matcha moffle (mochi waffle), and an ube latte.

Ordered brunch items in a 3-photo collage: pastel purple ube latte in a glass cup (top), pale green matcha moffle sitting on a bed of matcha whipped cream, topped with strawberry halves (middle), and 2 scrambled eggs and a split pork sausage (bottom)

Then, after Hubby got home from work, we went out to try this sushi kaiten (conveyor belt sushi) place called Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in San Jose (the Cupertino location had a long wait, while SJ didn't). It's been a long time since we'd been to a sushi kaiten place, so it was fun to get back to one. We also hadn't tried this chain yet because they're usually super packed on weekends. IIRC, we tried to go to this place for my birthday last year and found they had a 2+-hour wait, so that plan was foiled. 😝 Anyway, this time we were able to take advantage of smaller weekday crowds.

Collage of pictures of various sushi rolls or nigiri on small, round blue and white plates

The fun thing about sushi kaiten is having a big variety of rolls and nigiri (I suppose kind of like going to a tapas place) to try, so I always take pictures of what I ate to help remember what to get or avoid next time. 🙂

After dinner, I opened my presents, which were 2 fountain pens from my wishlist – a custom BENU Talisman for Gourmet Pens called True Unicorn, and a Japanese collaboration fountain pen between PLUS and Sailor, a Pro Gear Slim model called First Snow that has a snowflake design. Both are firsts – my first BENU Talisman, and my first ever Sailor pen, yay!

A text-heavy insert telling the story about the True Unicorn pen and its namesake root on a black background above the glittery, multicolored fountain pen sitting on a brown wood patterned surface

The Talisman line of BENU pens are special in that they contain some kind of representation of the talisman they're based on. In this case, there's a root called True Unicorn, or aletris farinosa, that has an interesting story shown on the insert behind the pen above, and whose powder is infused in the pen body itself! I'll get into the story behind the True Unicorn root more when I post about the pen later.

A fountain pen with a dark pink to aqua to lavender to dark pink gradient resin body infused with holographic glitter flakes
Soooooo sparkly! 🤩

I was actually pretty surprised at how small the Sailor Pro Gear Slim is, very similar in size to a Pilot Prera. It came with a bottle of ink called Ice Gray, and a nice notebook that kind of reminds me of the size of a Hobonichi Weeks notebook, at least in that it's a narrow, tall notebook. More on this pen and ink later.

Small glass bottle of fountain pen ink, Ice Gray, sitting behind a fountain pen with a translucent white body with glitter embedded and snowflake graphics in various shades of blue and silver painted on, and dark blue top and bottom
I will wait to ink this up when it's closer to winter time...maybe.

Pretty fun Wednesday! We'll be continuing birthday celebration activities this weekend, but nothing too huge.