Ink Swatch Wednesday: Celadon Cat Comparison...Oops

Fountain pen ink swatches of varying shades of light blue, some with shimmer, and one ink swatch of a cool green shade (Celadon Cat)
Ink swatches on Tomoe River 52 gsm paper (original): Diamine Celadon Cat, Pennonia Danuvius Danube, Dominant Industry Les Nympheas Les Nuages, Colorverse a Gem, and Robert Oster Free Spirit (a Vanness exclusive ink)

I have really been liking Diamine Celadon Cat in my Radius Prisma with a fine flex nib (Anyone know if this is essentially the same as the Leonardo steel elastic fine nibs?) in my Currently Inked for May. It was a carryover from last month. I thought I'd compare it to a few newer ink samples I haven't really used much yet, but I found out after swatching though they sort of looked similar in the sample tubes, none of them are that close to Celadon Cat on paper. 🤦‍♀️ 😅

I guess Pennonia Danuvius Danube is the closest. But as you move on to the other swatches, they get progressively further away from celadon green. Also, the Dominant Industry, Colorverse, and Robert Oster inks have shimmer which Celadon Cat doesn't have, but again, I thought their base colors were closer than they turned out to be. I think I tried the Dominant Industry ink before, but didn't take to it that well initially because it seemed quite light, and the sample also didn't have a lot of shimmer, which doesn't seem representative of the ink. I'll have to try these all out in a pen at some point, regardless.

It's also funny to see Celadon Cat here among basically all blues because it really emphasizes its green shades. But in my regular usage in my Hobonichi HON, sometimes Celadon Cat looks on the bluer side, like a translucent blue-green.

I was going to include Troublemaker Petrichor, but felt it was a different enough gray-green not to be a close match. In hindsight, it ultimately is a closer match than the ink samples I included here.

Well! Now that I've messed up my ink comparison, what do you think? Do you like any of the inks, just on their own, not comparing against Diamine Celadon Cat? If you were curious about any of these other inks, hopefully these swatches helped, even though I didn't have much to say about them from experience. :smh at myself: Feel free to comment here or on Mastodon.