Ink Swatch Wednesday: Van Dieman's Encore Inks

I think I saw a mention of the new Encore series of inks from Van Dieman's in one of the many fountain pen retailer newsletters I get, so I checked them out on Vanness's site. There are 16 inks in all, and I almost got samples for all of them, but besides that being a bit of an expense, I also knew I wouldn't like all of the ink colors, so I chose 8 – Aria, Graceful Pirouette, Stage Fright, Lost Love Letters, Swan Lake, Le Grande Jette, Marriage of Figaro, and Madame Butterfly – the last 4 being shimmer inks.

The non-shimmers are very nice light and bright colors that kind of remind me of spring rather than summer, but I'll happily ink some pens with these colors next time I need to refill.

4 rubber stamped images of a long, narrow tag, filled in with ink swatches of 4 different inks: Aria, a medium-light beige/tan with light pink undertones; Lost Love Letters, a light green-brown with visible pink undertones; Graceful Pirouette, a soft medium pink, similar to cherry blossom color; Stage Fright, a medium translucent blue with some light pink undertones
Aria, Lost Love Letters, Graceful Pirouette, Stage Fright swatched on Rhodia paper with a paint brush

I think Tomoe River shows more of the chromoshading of Aria and Lost Love Letters more than Rhodia does.

The last 4 inks are shimmers: Swan Lake and Le Grande Jette with rather light base colors, and Marriage of Figaro and Madame Butterfly with pretty dark bases.

4 rubber stamped images of a long, narrow tag, filled in with ink swatches of 4 different inks: Swan Lake, a very, very light cherry blossom pink with pale yellow gold shimmer; Le Grande Jette, a medium-light sky blue with pink undertones and pale yellow gold shimmer; Marriage of Figaro, a very dark blurple with strong red sheen and dark magenta shimmer; and Madame Butterfly, a dark purple gray with dark black or green sheen and dark magenta shimmer
Shimmer swatches on Rhodia paper

Because scans never show shimmer that well, here are some additional pictures:

Swan Lake and Le Grande Jette on Rhodia
Marriage of Figaro and Madame Butterfly on Rhodia

I'm really loving Van Dieman's inks. They release a lot of inks for a given theme, and their shimmer inks look really nice. I ordered a full bottle of Azure Kingfisher from Van Dieman's Wilderness series along with these ink samples, as I enjoyed its ink sample that I bought a long while ago.

Out of these Encore inks, I'd be interested in getting bottles of Aria, Lost Love Letters, Stage Fright, and Le Grande Jette. If I could find a good nib for Marriage of Figaro that would show it as a blurple rather than black, I might be nudged into getting a bottle of it, but maybe having a sample or two is good enough for trying and enjoying these other inks. There are too many inks out there to buy full bottles of all of them! 😅

Which are your favorites from this batch of inks? Comment below, or catch me on Mastodon. ✌️