Picture(s) a Day: Jul 3

Orange and cream tabby cat loafing on a gray fabric couch with a multi-colored lumbar pillow in the background

Earlier today I watched a YouTube video where the photographer made a Fujifilm digital film recipe called "pastelchrome", based on the Classic Chrome film emulation. It's meant to have a scanned film look, but still have enough room to accommodate additional JPEG editing, if you want to.

I set up the recipe in my X-Pro 3 and tried it out on a few subjects around the house (didn't go out anywhere since it was stupid hot outside today). I like the results. These are all JPEGs straight out of the camera, no edits. I haven't really played around with different "film recipes" on my Fujis, but I think I will do this more now. 📸

Diffused sunflower petal-like pattern showing through a glass door covered with textured paper
Portrait of an orange and cream tabby cat on a black leather seat
Telephoto image of a red-headed bird sitting on power lines crossing diagonally in the frame